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Because Americans primarily (not exclusively) speak English. This isn't unique to the United States. British television programs like Rome and I, Claudius weren't performed in Latin. The Death of Stalin and Enemy at the Gates, both British films set in Russia, were in English.


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  1. Lucy was produced by French studios and distributed by Universal. They had no vested interest in the viability of a Black Widow solo movie.
  2. Lucy was a huge hit, yet it was seven years before Black Widow finally came out, so Disney clearly wasn't influenced by Johansson's success as a solo action star.

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I also just rewatched it, and the subtlety of Robbins' performance also struck me. Dufresne is reserved by nature, and he's struggling to process his new life and the circumstances that led him to Shawshank. There are only a few moments when his stoic demeanor cracks, and they are all the more powerful.

Unfortunately, the Oscar rarely goes to the most subtle performance. More often, it is the most most performance that takes the trophy.


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The filmmaker says he has plans to further explore Art and Sienna's backstories, so maybe in the next one. FYI: Art was missing a chunk of brain because at the end of the first movie he shot himself in the head to avoid capture by the police.


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The first hour bored you to the verge of tears, so you watched another hour. Did you need a good cry or something? Like how long does it take to figure out a movie isn't for you?