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This was the issue.

Words are different. The words assigned to your "gods" were by Catholic priests trying to convert the people in your country.

Is Matzu a God? Can she bring you back to life? Can she control the weather?

Matzu is a Shen, like a Saint.

I don't want to debate this anymore.

I have died twice.


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In my religion, there is only one true God.

I don't know if you know that much about Christianity. But you have God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. We describe this as the Trinity.

The only one who set foot on this planet was Jesus, the Son.

There is no others.

There are Shens and Saints and other blessed individuals. But they aren't Gods or gods.

It's kind of a long book.


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They aren't. Matzu was a real woman.

She lived, and she prayed that her family would survive and they did.

So we pray to her in hopes that she will say prayers on our behalf.

I know that one because I'm a sailor.

In the interest of conversation and education. Are you Chinese or Taiwanese?

I'm not, I'm Irish / Italian American, my wife is Taiwanese. And it took me a long time to figure this stuff out and learn all this stuff.

I believe it was Christian priests trying to convince Asians that they were pagans so they could convert them to Christianity.

Also, my wife and I were married properly in Taipei according to her family's traditions and religion. But we were also married here in the US. I'm Roman Catholic and spent 12 years in Catholic School.

So I spent a lot of time talking to the priest about this. And he was a pretty senior priest getting promoted.

And ours was the last wedding he performed because then he was put in charge of all the weddings in the state and training other priests how do weddings.

He was no joke. He knew his stuff. He actually yelled at my entire family during the rehearsal ceremony. He yelled at 30 people. When I say Irish Catholic, that is my direct family. No cousins in that count. Just Mom, Dad, brothers and sisters and their children.



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Actually, that is a translation error.

The word is Shen, which more similar to a Saint in English.

When you go to a temple, you are asking for that Shen to pray for you. On your behalf. Because that religion you do not have access to God.

Christians are the ones who believe they have unfettered access to God. They do not.

The only ones who can communicate with God are these Shens / Saints. If you pray to them, they might say some words on your behalf. But no guarantees.