Dr_Worm88 t1_j1znpvn wrote

No worries my dude. There’s a lot of optional credentials out there.

A lot get national credentials and you get recognition for a certain percentage being credentialed which to me is great.

There’s an ISO rating everyone gets based on a variety of factors. But that’s an insurance rating.

Ultimately and sadly no one (unless the township that recognizes them demands it) has to do it. A volunteer company can say pay your $1 and do 8 hours or Haz Mat training and you are a FF in Pa.

Thankfully a lot of those types of departments have gone by the way of the DoDo. But it’s still the bar and it’s kind of scary not know who’s coming or how well trained they are.


Dr_Worm88 t1_j1zmkuv wrote

Oh absolutely. The other variable is what are you getting? You know the state minimum in training and licensing is done for the LEO.

But the state only legally requires you to do two things to be a volunteer FF:

Pay your dues to the social club.


Take your hazmat training.

Anything above that is discretion of the fire department. So standards are all over the map. You have no idea who’s on the next unit or what they can do.