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This is why, as long as a customer service Rep actually tries to help me and doesn't lie, they get 11/10 and outlandish praise in the additional comment box. Those surveys are bullshit and are almost always used as an excuse to screw over support staff.


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Interesting being, you'd think it was part of the house the way it reacted to the cleaning but it seems to be able to roam quite far, hoarding wherever it goes. Did the grandmother make some deal with it? Was it always in her house or did it arrive later perhaps as a result of hoarding? Was the hostility from hank, the mother, and the father an effect of the creature? Lots to chew on.


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They made a series of very surreal adventure games on mobile, I believe they are also available on steam now. If you like the macabre, confusing, and point-and-click adventures I highly recommend them. They have a recurring shadow man that shows up in doorways and windows. Sometimes he has horns and he's always corrupting or killing things around him.