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I stumbled across someone feeding them over the park wall up near 108th or so. More trash pandas than I've ever seen. A racoon platoon, if you will. Maybe three or four dozen all waiting for food. As a kid, I recall seeing one casually scaling a fence to the alley between buildings. People forget that Manhattan's got wildlife.


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It's a boiled half-pasta-half-dumpling egg dough, and strands are often made by forcing batter through a colander or otherwise dripping it into the water in somewhat irregular strands. It has a great texture and mouthfeel with just the right amount of chew.

After boiling, it's usually fried in some butter and served as a side, where it's great absorbing sauces from whatever else you're eating. Cheese spaetzle is delicious, too, which is basically south-German mac-and-cheese.