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Magnum Pepper Mill - This pepper mill that dishes out pepper like nothing I've ever seen. It's not BIFL but I don't care. It's the best.

Thermapen - These are accurate and fast meat thermometers. Haven't found anything better. Definitely made my life easier.

Mercer Santoku Genesis 7 inch knife - This fits my hand perfectly and it's such a great knife. I think these are just as good as Wusthoff or other expensive knife brands for a fraction of the cosdt.

Mercer Culinary M22003 Millennia Black Handle - I like these paring knives a lot. They fit my hand perfectly. Great as well.

Copco Basics Lazy Susan Turntable - Gamechanger if you put this in your refrigerator

Breville Smart Oven.

All-Clad D3 Stainless Cookware - My favorite pans

PVC table mats - super easy to clean, ditch the old kitchen mats. Waterproof and heat resistant up to 150 degrees F.

Cuisinart CPK-17P1 Electric Cordless Tea Kettle - My favorite electric kettle

OXO kitchen stuff - Everything they have is Quality of life for me. Not BIFL, but just enough to make me happy. ^_^

Cooks Innovation Oven Liner - You can put this inside an oven and any junk or crumbs or burned liquids will drop on this and keep your oven clean.

Lodge pan scrapers - Really great for dealing with cast iron pans.

Magnetic measuring spoons and magnetic measuring cups are a great Quality of Life Item for the kitchen.


Zojirushi rice cooker

And finally, a hammer. Yes, a hammer. I just buy pre-peeled garlic. Put it in a Ziploc. Hammer it in 2 seconds. And have instant mashed garlic. I can literally mash 30 garlic cloves in about 10 seconds. Much faster than using a garlic-presser or using the smash with knife, slice with knife method. It's seriously a quality of life change.


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I bought a LOT of backpacks and tested them all. Was on a huge quest to find the best backpack.

Overall imo you get compromises.

If you wanted BIFL, it's Goruck. That said, I have no interest in Goruck because of its weight. I travel often and with low weight restrictions so I need something lighter. So the bags I use right now aren't necessarily BIFL but they suit my needs.

But yeah if you strictly wanted BIFL and didn't care about other issues, go Goruck. But if you scratch off the BIFL restrictions, there are so many great options.

BIFL doesn't mean good. A BIFL headphones that's nuclear proof with bad audio quality is still a bad headphone. You have to look at the use-case.


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The one I use now.

Mercer Culinary M20707 Genesis 7-Inch Santoku Knife

I bought the rest and tested them but this knife just fits my hand so well and is just an amazing chef knife. It's the perfect example of how hype isn't always better.


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Most of my stuff is Wera. I have the Toolcheck Plus and it's honestly pretty clutch when paired with Knipex, fixes nearly everything I need to do.

Some feel gimicky for sure, ie the Zyklop (didn't get that). But imo they're high quality, ie check out Project Farm for tests.

But yeah all of these and the ones you mentioned are a HUGE step up from the average person just not thinking about tools and grabbing some Walmart box.


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I think you misunderstood what I said. I went by Darntough's size chart. It didn't fit. Multiple people at different size ranges have mentioned the same thing. For some people, the socks either were too small or were too large (when going one size up). There's also slight variations in how each sock fits between the different styles. Took 7 tries.


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Knipex pliers/wrench and Knipex Cobras

Wera or Wiha screwdrivers (ie Wera Toolcheck Plus)

Allclad pans

JBL 305 speakers (Not BIFL but going above this you are spending thousands, this is the dot on the diminishing returns)

Sennheiser HD6xx (Not BIFL but going above this you are spending so much more, this is the dot on diminishing returns)


Zojirushi ricecookers

Victorinox Rambler (a perfect EDC tool for a minimalist, everything you need, nothing you don't)

Darntough socks (boo, boring)


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None are BIFL.

Or at the insanely high BIFL standards of anything here.

Do you care about sound quality? Or durability?

If durability the 7506, the DT770s

If sound quality, the HD6xx (but I wouldn't call them durable)


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The issue is...what other multitool would you recommend? Because honestly Wave+ is pretty sturdy and I don't think there's much that are even more sturdy than that. Also you can turn it in and they'll repair it or send you a new one iirc. But as mentioned, I don't think there's anything else that would be more sturdy that that, at least as a multitool. You're probably harder on it than like most people who use the tool.


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>I guess I wonder. If you go to the trouble of making anything, why not spend just a little more to make it a quality product? Again, I know money. What I mean is, does it really cost that much more to make the product last for a long time? Its like they are running a race and give up at 85% of the way. Just go the rest of the way.

It's a business model. And a strategy.

Bad analogy on my end but think about hamburgers. You can pay very cheap prices for a McDonalds cheeseburger. It's cheap, it's low quality meat but there's a market for it. On the other hand there's a place that uses high quality meat, high quality ingredients and really spends the time to make a burger.

Some companies profit off of high quality. Others churning out low quality to those who don't want to spend much money.

A sleeping bag, a dirt-cheap one, will cost you about $35 on Amazon. A very good one will cost you $600++. The key difference being that the more expensive one is lightweight, can keep you warm in 20 degree F weather and will not break apart.

You see this even with microphones. Chinese companies tend to come up with cheaper components and have very poor quality microphones like the Neewer 800. It's a $20 cheap microphone that's terrible - but it serves a purpose. Then you have on the far end of quality, German microphones, ie Sennheiser, Neumann etc and those are made of high quality materials producing the absolute best in studio sound. But some people don't see the justification in spending $1000 for a Neumann TLM 103 and would rather opt for a $20 Neewer mic. It's different markets catering to different dollars.


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It's not titanium but check out the Stainless Steel Nalgene:


It's lifetime warranty.

also according to Ultralight Reddit, Titanium isn't good for cooking or as good. So you're better off with a stainless steel. If the main concern was durability, again, lifetime warranty up top.


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Unpopular opinion coming.

Cast iron.

And it didn't wear down.

It wore 'me' down.

And I look it as either I failed it. Or it failed me.

I really got tired of dealing with it. Seasoning it. Tossing it in the oven. Or just seasoning in general. Done with it. it's also heavy. And bulky. just find an Allclad is just easier haha. I haven't used my Cast iron pan in 3 years. The Allclad D12 is what I use everyday.

For like 99% of what I used the Cast iron pan, I much prefer the Allclad. Lighter. Easier to clean. Easier. Quicker.

In essence, you can say the Cast iron pan got replaced. I would have no qualms donating it honestly.


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I wouldn't.

It likely will not fit them.

Not on first try.

It's a very personal thing with fit with these types of socks.

I bought all types and it took many tries to get the right fit


Their sizes actually go much smaller than it should. And jump up a size in between where it doesn't fit. ie a Large is too tiny but XL is way over. I personally would not gift these to anyone without giving multiple sizes or a receipt.


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I am not in food service but I learned about this from a colleague. Food service shoes are amazing for standing long hours, are slip-resistant and are liquid resistant. I bought the "Skechers Men's Cessnock Food Service Shoe". The inside has a tacky red insole but if you replace that with your preferred insoles, these shoes are amazing. These shoes are 'not' BIFL but they are comfortable as hecking heck.