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Clothes are shelter, just like housing is shelter. The human body developed to survive in a very specific environment, but 99% of people don't live in that environment today.

Some of the native peoples in the Amazon and the Congo don't regularly wear much clothes. But they also never get cold weather, and have 24/7 shelter from the sun and rain because they live in dense forests.

Every other society on Earth developed customs of wearing clothes because the sun would burn their skin, the rain would give them hypothermia, and winter would freeze them to death.

You cab survive now without clothes because society has built an environment around you to let you do that. You live in a box that protects you from the weather and sun, and you travel to other boxes that protect you from the weather and sun. In between, you travel in various boxes that protect you from the weather and sun.


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Jewish communities have been largely insular for hundreds of years due to both their own religious practices and discrimination against them, especially in Europe. An Ashkenazi Jew and a German or a Pole may both be able to trace 500 years of ancestry in the same region, the same village even, but still be genetically distinct.


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This is generally true and true of English, but language is also political and academic to varying degrees, so it can in fact be fixed in place. Many languages, particularly ones that are strongly tied to specific nations or groups, are governed in some degree from the top down, with institutions that regulate the development of a language. The Académie Française, Royal Spanish Academy, etc.


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Practicing Wu Wei is the polar opposite to trying to achieve a flow state. Flow is when your experience, skills, environment, and activity line up to allow you to perform at a high level with less perceived effort.

Trying to get into a flow state, or trying to utilize flow to accomplish something, is centered around changing things. Athletes, engineers, musicians, etc., pour time and effort into achieving a flow state. They develop their skills, they control their environments, they organize their tasks.

Wu Wei is about doing none of those things. Wu Wei is the concept that instead of changing the world to achieve your goals, accept the world as it is. A literal approach would be to say it is to not have any goals at all, to simply exist with as little attachment as possible to any worldly thing. A more flexible modern interpretation is to adjust your goals around reality instead of trying to change reality to suit your goals. You will always be in a flow state, if you are always doing the most suitable thing to be done at a certain time and place with your specific skills.


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What you're describing is antithetical to Wu Wei and Daoism. Wu Wei isn't about making things a certain way at all. It's about accepting that things are how they are without trying to change them to fit your perception or goals.

The act of getting into a flow state is not really aligned with traditional Daoism, which is all about letting go of trying to optimize or improve.


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These units just intrinsically won't be worth as much.

Yes, developers tend to only build luxury housing, because they are greedy and want to maximize profit. But part of the reason they do that is because building anything is very expensive, so if they're going to build they might as well go all in and build expensive condos.

These would be different because the building is already there. The builder will avoid a lot of the costs, and on the flip side the units will be constrained by the existing building, which was built as cheaply as they could get away with because nobody cares how nice a cubicle farm is. It would make economic sense to build more sanely priced apartments and make a quick buck instead of tearing down the building to build more luxury. It's actually better for their short term profit for once.


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The pain point this solves is that the offices are empty. People just will not ever go back to work in the same numbers as they did pre-pandemic no matter how hard the JP Morgan CEO whines. We need to do something with that unoccupied space, and what better than to make Midtown a neighborhood instead of a sterile cubicle farm again.