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Twitter has been a shit show in the same way Reddit often is. There's a lot of dark places. The difference is there was once equilibrium. The good outweighed the bad and held it at bay. It was always there but now it feels emboldened.

Racism is more in the open, anti-Semitism has become common, and it's a trend in LGBT accounts to have trolls post pictures of woodchippers and imply they need to be purged. There's just tons of people who think Kanye was in the right, and now literal Nazis like Fuentes are back? Yeah. That all vastly escalated after Elon "Assassination Coordinates" Musk said he was freeing speech for all of humanity.

Shit happened before, sure, but now reports against it are largely ignored. You just see it waaay more now.


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It's literally in the article.

A ton of classified info has leaked over War Thunder by military and defense contractors going, "Well, actuaaaaally, the way this tank works is..." and then dropping classified docs to prove their point.

It's happened enough times for it to become a red flag and more than some random coincidence.