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What is the actual incidence of lasting complications of the procedure, such as pain or decreased libido or sexual satisfaction? We're at the point of deciding who's getting snipped in our marriage for permanent control, and I'm concerned about the possible side effects if my husband gets it done. He has a lower pain tolerance than I do, and a very high libido, and I'd feel awful if he ended up with pain or decreased satisfaction just to avoid condom use. We've already established that hormonal BC for me has side effects we don't want.


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My ex just self-medicated with massive amounts of caffeine. Of course, he built a tolerance and had to keep drinking more and more coffee just to be normal.

I tried to let my kid use caffeine in moderation as-needed to help with focus, but his school banned caffeine. Didn't ban Rx stimulants for ADHD diagnosed kids though. We're in the early stages of trying out meds for him.


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Isn't "learning away your eyesight" basically what happens with a lazy eye?

Phrasing may be bad but neuroplasticity is powerful stuff. Definitely can't eliminate underlying chemical/mechanical differences but can do a lot to compensate for them.


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Most creeks have an easement where the creek bed itself doesn't really belong to anyone (at least in California, where I have experience). Doesn't mean it has protected access points the same way an ocean beach does, but at least you can walk up and down the creek freely.


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Infants naturally respond better to higher-pitched voices (hence our instinct to "baby talk" with higher pitch when talking to anything cute). Male voices are naturally lower, so it can be a little delay before they'll prefer you over a female voice as their tendencies mature.