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While that is absolutely true, in my opinion it has a lot more to do with reddit being the platform where this information actually exists in a readable form, rather than Google being bad at finding other places. Random forums not organized in to subreddits to focus knowledgeable people in to particular field, where they are more likely to see and respond to any given problem with some form of qualification, not using upvote/downvote system to get an idea how much bullshit a given reply has and thread layering to actually get to all relevant responses to any given comment quickly are always incomparably worse than information found on reddit. There's a good reason we are talking here right now.


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Indeed. Makes me anxious that eventually it will go the way of the dodo. Even now uploading multiple image posts already requires switching over to the new design, multiple tables formatting is broken - the new features are not getting implemented in the classic mode anymore. Just a matter of time until something critical kills it off, imo.


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> Lots of people use Google to find things on Reddit, which is often used as a criticism of Google’s search quality. I wanted to know if Pali thinks Google is vulnerable in search, if Reddit can become a primary search engine for people, and most importantly, what he took from Google’s culture and what he left behind in organizing Reddit’s product team.

That paragraph makes no sense. Google is used to search for things on Reddit, because Reddit's own search is useless. How is that criticism for Google...? Nothing that Reddit will ever do to its search will be able to square up to Google's tools. There's no way in hell.


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They talk a lot about all the new features and user-centric design and all that and here I am still using old.reddit.com mode, because every time I resolve to get used to the "new" fancy design, I give up and return to the original within an hour. It's fucking godawful. If they ever discontinued the old mode, I'd just quit reddit altogether the same day.

So, all this talk sounds empty to me.


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A bit weird it takes a senate to ban something from govt-owned tech. IT and information security departments should have restrictions in place on what can be installed on managed devices and stuff like this shouldn't be on approved list of apps simply because it is not related to the job in the first place.

I suppose it is good to have national standard for this, but senate? Huh.