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True if they're just dropping aid packages off with the local authorities to do as they please with, but less true if the NGOs are sending workers to directly distribute aid to the population -- which is what I'm under the impression most NGOs are doing. One of the major reasons for the drop in donors was the Taliban's ban on female NGO workers, which made it more difficult for NGOs to operate effectively in the country; not an issue you'd run in to if you're just dropping off pallets of resources.


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I'm reminded of the "Time 100" online poll that Time Magazine held some years back, which a group from 4chan gamed to such a degree of specificity that they not only made moot the winner, they arranged the top 21 winners to make an acrostic.


If you put a poll online, even a totally meaningless popularity contest, people are gonna take that as a challenge. All the more so if the poll actually has some tangible impact on something.