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Wow, thank you for all this work and info. I'll start digging into this! I feel like I skipped an era and now I'm cool again xD DIY is definitely sth I'd do.

Turning the volume up too high is probably not the way my ears will go. I like to go down till it's too quiet and then just one up. I like it in the background and I know the numbers by heart for "alone at home" and "walking by the busy road" ;)


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Was looking for a comparison so I've just checked it out and I don't think the ff3 would cut it. Swapable cables? absolutely. already worth an extra 10€ xD I only have low low lowest end earbuds currently just to replace my broken ones. I also wear them against the wind (my ears are so broken). I fell for the ff5 instantly even without hearing anything. Going to order them within the day 🎶 I listen to music basically all day for writing and chores. It's my thinking juice. I can't wear my Marshall on-ears for that long. Thanks again, you really saved my day.


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Thanks to you too for that brand. I seriously couldn't find this on my own.

About the ANC... I know some people "don't like" it, but I was literally lying down shivering for an hour after a single moment of ANC and still confused as to why. Wish I could figure that out.