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Nothing, because nobody wants to do anything about it, and so they won't because the people who are in power are the ones benefiting from the current system


If the state was actually remotely serious about it?

- combine districts, there is no reason for the insane overhead of multiple districts everywhere.

- eliminate parents and local school boards being responsible for anything because they are NEVER right

- Stop allowing teachers to buy their own school supplies,

- Implement free or massively reduced state school tuition but you must stay in state to teach for X years,

- Eliminate the ongoing education requirements except for in your exact course of study.

- Fix the stupid bullshit Cyber schools getting funding


Oh and the ones people won't like

- eliminate pensions entirely from the entire state,

- year round school

- all day kindergarten

- fully tax payer funded pre-k programs state wide

- stop adjunct professors from teaching any course over a 101 level unless no suitable prof can be found (WITH PROOF of search), and Adjuncts get paid the same as professors.

- stop underpaying teachers aid, subs, etc


PA could absolutely do everything... they just won't


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In my experience, unless its a school IN an otherwise non-university, you want to avoid these as they are typically a WHOLE lot of really angry local's who live, lots of college dropouts, and a bunch of drunk kids


towns like Shippensburg, Mansfield, Lock Haven, etc (also avoid prison towns)


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Lehigh Valley (Allentown) will be fine as will anywhere around there.


when you start getting into areas where there are farm fields, you'll start getting into areas where you may feel much less welcome.


The further in any direction other then South you go from the Lehigh Valley, the worse it will get. For the most part south eastern side will be okay.


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Wow, I'm impressed TSA caught it.


I swear, I flew back and forth through LVIA a dozen times with a pocket knife, not a word... finally they go "hey you can't have this!", I tell them I flew with it last week through here, ... and the TSA agent literally says to me "Its like drinking and driving, you'll get away with it sometimes, but eventually you'll get caught"...


let that sink in


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If anyone hasn't seen this yet, it is insane, like, its all the concussions from the NFL, all the knockouts from boxing, and the brain damage from "Professional Wrestling" wrapped into 1.


Its only a matter of time until people die, if they haven't already


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Demand... what exactly? PA voters put these people in charge who voted on all of this... the lack of a severance tax, the gas tax, the electricity de-regulation, the school taxes and allocation... this is what 4 decades of republican control looks like.


Republicans have been in control of PA Congress (with very minor blips) since the 70's, and nearly every thing we strongly dislike was done by them to benefit corporations over people