Drewcifer81 t1_jaijxoh wrote

Why are you making this an issue about race? We had an African-American speaker of the PA house in the 80s.

Perhaps it's more pertinent that we finally have a woman in the position?

Either way, this is not "identity politics" as that would be that she was elevated solely because of her identity... not because, say, she was a well-liked minority speaker for 3 years prior?


Drewcifer81 t1_j4hru6v wrote

>If they genuinely need some fancy beltway consulting firm to tell them the obvious then they have completely lost

They don't; it just makes for an awfully convenient and legal way to funnel money from party coffers, collected from the average Joe Bumfuck Potter County racist, to their friends, business associates, and big-money donors.

And those folks will see nothing wrong with it and keep on donating.


Drewcifer81 t1_j3wj28r wrote

"I think that it's not appropriate to hold the entire chamber hostage on any one particular issue" says man who has been trying to hold the entire chamber hostage over supposed election issues for months, and who has currently sued to disenfranchise voters in 2 separate Allegheny county districts through May by delaying special elections to fill their seats.

Bryan Cutler is a disingenuous piece of shit.