Drire t1_j9fpl3e wrote

I crashed and burned out of political agency life in 2017. I'd worked in a few places including K Street. It was never the hours it was the stress of some partner screaming in his office, and when we come in the next day seeing a mostly empty bottle of whiskey on the desk, they're nowhere in sight, and then being responsible for his responsibilities. Different flavors of examples like that over 4 years.

Crashed out to run a tea shipping business for a year.

Then I spent 4 years doing spreadsheets and ads for tech companies, now I work in the toy & game industry. My bloodpressure, weight, and overall lifespan has thanked me.


Drire t1_j5x3q2b wrote

A foreigner rolling in knowing no one and going shooting with a stranger?

Idk probably drug money, probably some captured attention speech about some stupid subject, probably exposure to a ton of bad folks. I doubt heavy crimes or anything

Granted last time I was in Rutland, VT human trafficking signs were everywhere