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If the test button doesn't trigger the AFCI then either you have have LINE and LOAD reversed, or the AFCI may be defective.

First thing to try is: disconnect the pigtail for the two efferent cables and then retest the AFCI with the TEST button and with your outlet tester.


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Hardwood floors are usually nailed in at an angle from the side so the nails aren't visible on the finished floor. That's not possible with an existing floor though.

There are special screws with snap-off heads so the hole/patch will be much less visible: https://www.squeakyfloor.com/counter-snap-floor-repair-kit/

Or you can just get deck screws with very small countersunk heads.


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I just went looking at "cows chewing" videos on youtube and only saw lower teeth and upper lip. It looks like their upper lip is hiding their upper teeth and our brains just filled in the blank.

Mind blown.


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Fun fact: a turbocharger IS a supercharger. They were originally called turbosuperchargers, but eventually just got shortened to "turbocharger" or even "turbo".

Superchargers can be belt driven, gear driven, driven by a separate motor (electric or internal combustion), or (in the case of the turbocharger) by the residual energy in exhaust gases. They all perform the same function: they force more air into the engine to make it more powerful, but each method has different advantages and disadvantages.


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I assume you're switching the valve on before you're trying to light it? It's off in the picture.

Too much air backflow could be because of ventilation fans or exhausts elsewhere in the building (bathroom, kitchen, dryer, gas water heater) are sucking air out of the building and drawing replacement air down your flue.

The easiest solution to this is to crack open a window near this appliance, at least to see if it will work. That will relieve the negative pressure in the building. If it does, but closing the window causes the pilot to blow out again, then a fresh air supply will need to be installed to feed this appliance.