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If you choose to steal something rather than pay for it with your own money, even though you don't need to, is that choice something you'd be able to justify? Is that a freedom you should be allowed to exercise even though it harms greater society?


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This is where you and I part ways. I don't agree with everything vegans say/do, but I'm 100% behind making food consumption sustainable and as low-impact on the planet as possible.

If the end product of that method is indistinguishable from the method that is objectively bad for the planet, I can't understand or agree with choosing the worse one, simply because you feel your "preference" has been taken away.

I don't mean to sound harsh, but it sounds incredibly selfish and short-sighted when you're effectively losing nothing except the choice to choose the harmful method.


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Haha interesting comparison. Honestly, if I was unaware of the means and the results were indistinguishable, I wouldn't care. Even if I was aware, it feels like a pretty low psychological hurdle to get over. Even more so if extracting spring water was fucking the planet up.

Is there any benefit to distilling the public's piss though? In the same way that there's a benefit to removing the enormous amount greenhouse gas emission that livestock farming produces?


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Ok fair enough, same as me. I don't have a problem with eating meat as long as the animal has been treated well and killed humanely.

My only other question is; if lab-grown meat was indistinguishable from the meat of a slain animal, what reason would you have to pick the latter?


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It's not oddly satisfying, it's completely understandably satisfying!
The eloquence of the people of yesteryear is a pleasure to hear/read, and it seems that that level of command of the English language is pretty rare these days, unfortunately.