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I don't know about DAP Caulking (seems it is a brand and not a specific product so I couldn't look it up. I'm from Australia so we don't have it here).

Just make sure the filler you use is flexible. A lot of basic caulking dries are and will just rip drywall off or flex the sheet instead of stretching. There are flexible gap fillers that are silicone based which would be better. Bathroom ones are available in white and a mould resistant otherwise there are paintable flexible ones out there too.


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No, it is an artificat of designing for a high sucess probability. For a simple example, let's say you want a robot for a 1 year mission with 90% probability of it lasting two years. You design the robot so that it has a failure rate of 5% per year. As a result it is highly likely (~80%) that it will last four years or twice the required mission length.

Obviously this is a very simplified example, but hopefully it illustrates the point that you cannot easily determine the exactly lifespan of a piece of equipment.