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You should be ashamed. My statements are objectively true.

Telling suicidal people that things are guaranteed to get better only gives false hope and makes things worse when they inevitably don't "get better".

Lies like that are just harmful.


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> Have either of you had any professional training in counseling a suicidal individual?


> Have you any credentials in supporting people at risk ? I have, and do., and speak from experience.

I speak from experience as well.

> These are not lies, but rather proven trends.

They're lies. Things may get better for some people, but that doesn't mean they're guaranteed to improve for everyone.

> A Gallup Research Poll of individuals who have attempted suicide clearly indicates that 96% of respondents indicate they were at a low point when considering suicide, and things rebound for the better shortly after they pass that low point.

So for 4% didn't rebound, thus proving the original statement to be false.

> “Things will change” is not only a viable promise, it is also a certainty.

You're lying. It is not a certainty, and you've just admitted as much.


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> Things will change. Things WILL get better.

These lies don't help anyone, they just make it worse. You cannot guarantee that things will improve for the better.

Please refrain from language like this in future if you want to help people. You're hurting as much as you're helping.

> But please, spend a few minutes talking to someone before you make a irreversible decision- you have nothing to lose by talking.

This is another lie. It may be true for specific 'hotlines', however in many countries admitting that you've considered suicide can lead to your rights being torn up and you being incarcerated against your consent.

Please consider what you're saying in future.