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Not being mentioned here and honestly want some non- propaganda answers from people living on socialized medicine. 1) I constantly hear about ridiculous wait times for non emergency treatment. In fact, I have many friends that have traveled from the UK and Canada to get treatment in the U.S. Can someone that has experienced this please weigh in? Someone has to pay for it so how does this affect your tax burden? I keep reading that the NHS is failing people in a big way? UK, what do you think of them? There is a huge industry on bot the Northern and Southern borders of the US of hospitals and Medical care where people from our neighboring countries come for medical care. Why would you pay these prices if you socialized medicine is working for you? Hoping for honest thoughts, not people subscribing to an idea without actual knowledge. Thank you.


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Only comment I might argue is “at it’s strongest” . I don’t think we heeded the warning that Eisenhower gave us about the military industrial complex when he left the presidency. The fact that the Iranian drones that have been shot down are made with 82% American provided parts, and we are essentially arming both sides in the Ukraine shows the power that they still have.