Dukeofdorchester t1_j2dylwy wrote

We don’t have a democracy when the two ruling parties only serve wall st, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, the military industrial complex and special interests. I’ve just accepted it and have stopped pretending my vote matters and these politicians are actually going to do something for the common good.


Dukeofdorchester t1_j2dmobq wrote

Let me just start by saying I don’t vote because I’ve accepted we live in an oligarchy and both parties are set on keeping it that way. I’m just speaking strictly on the cost of housing. The most expensive places to rent are mostly in Democratic areas. You’re right about the good things about those areas. That being said, the solution to make it affordable so more people can make a go at having a great life is to build more housing. My point is: the Republicans say “pull up your bootstraps”, the Democrats say “not in my backyard”. It’s two sides of the same coin when it comes down to it.