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Milltown. They handled all the paperwork for the rebate as well. All in all I was happy with the work - they had some issues with the thermostats and controls but they kept on it until they (and I) were sure it worked correctly. You also get a year of free service contract as part of the install.

Note that you'll need to get the MassSave efficiency assessment done to get the rebate, and also might need to upgrade your insulation.


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Lowell area. Had a whole house ducted Bosch heat pump installed last summer. $10K rebate from MassSave made it go down pretty easy. Kept gas furnace for backup. Heat pump is supposed to work down to 5F, at which point it will fall back to the furnace. Of course that has not been tested out yet.

No functional issues - keeps the house warm fine. Of course, hasn't been deathly cold yet. Just a couple of mornings below 20F. Back of the envelope calculation for December shows that heating cost was more or less the same as if we'd used the gas furnace. Used much less energy though and (presumedly) generated less CO2. We'll see what happens this month. If it's outrageous, we'll go back to the furnace full-time.

TL;DR - you'll probably save energy with a heat pump, but due to the high cost of electricity around here, you probably won't save much money. Remember that heat pump also covers your A/C needs.


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Considering how frustrating dealing with the RMV has been lately, they're probably afraid someone's gonna go ballistic at some point.