DuskyDay t1_j9qkjh3 wrote

> So everyone with kids is selfish? Doesn’t matter that those kids will literally run the economy and society and make sure the infrastructure is there to support you when you’re old?

The problem is that there are too many kids. Only some of them would be necessary.


DuskyDay t1_j5041x2 wrote

Nobody should be responsible unless someone failed their duty when manufacturing the car.

Technology fails all the time, and when it does, sometimes people die. That doesn't mean the new technology X is a scam, or that the question "who will be responsible" is new, or deep, or unsolvable.


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The problem is that you got stoned, not that you used gas.

You don't have gas at home, but this shows that while stoned, your ability to notice life-of-your-family-endangering situations is impaired. So the next time, you might endanger them by something else.


DuskyDay t1_iud2aci wrote

> 1). Don't identify anyone as toxic

Then we'll need a new word meaning what "toxic" currently means, since some people are what we call toxic and some people aren't, and they cluster along the right axes separately.

Or, in simple English, not thinking about how some people are harmful will handicap you when making predictions of their behavior, when deciding who to keep close and who to avoid, etc.

It's about as helpful as not identifying anyone as thieves. It might help you intermittently feel better about your stuff being stolen, because aren't we all flawed human beings? But in the long run, it doesn't work.