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on average, people dont like to lie. its an incentive numbers game with negligible impact to bottom line if they do it right. if budgeted like a kroger rewards card, profit accounts for every discount, even if you put in a fake phone number so theyre not tracking your spending profile associated with your collated id. moot point, no need to enforce, but the answer is passively and with shame most likely


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oh this is kinda familiar. idk what a reverse mortgage bond is, or really what a bond is except its not exactly what it was designed to be as i learned in civics class, but it sounds like he fucked over some banks, which who cares, but is bad because he abused ill-gotten leverage to become a super landlord with waaaay too many assets for one guy? looks like he figured this plan around the 08 housing boom n bust, so i get why rule abiding greedy flippers would be salty


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the most valuable media franchise ever is only 27 years old? dang.

safari zone, trying to use strength on that truck, ss anne, the ghost tower theme, being blown away by ruby/sapphire graphics... amazing games, and the sountrack to the first movie was bangin


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Ive been tossing around this idea that yall were raised by post columbine basket cases who, ironically, drove their kids to find their third spaces in tribalistic hate corners of the internet based on inherited identity rather than proximity once iphones became widely accessible. Social bonds are precious and worth defending, but shit goes south fast without a level head around. Social capital is both everything and baseless without a sense of respect and true role models. Troll-y gamers come to mind. Anyway good luck youngn, we're all in this together, its all hands on deck to make it better


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Because deep down, americans are at least 2 generations deep into the sanctimony of national brands. 7/11 is supposed to be a safe haven for convenient trash we all have a right to. I mean heavens, i might stop there with my kids in back of my late model suburban on the way to a rams game. If, for instance, a local shop with gaming machines and other cultural elements deemed undesirable to screen dwelling yuppies attracts violence, shut er down. Mcdonalds/exxon a lil hot? More cops! Protec american industriousness! As if they didnt used to camp out there... Being close enough to our benevolent benefactor vcu for students to wander across probably exacerbates the affront to a sense of security service as an inalienable right. Its also on one of the most beaten paths for commuters, people naturally feel a small sense of ownership over their regular haunts and travels.

Hopefully the /s bits are obvious but there ya go.


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hasnt been, was actually verified a couple years later. passes academic rigor, but has 2 major things working against it that have the same bullshit talking points thrown around by nonresearchers:

1, it doesnt fit the narrative 2, it was conducted by women, who have many times by meta analysis throughout the years been shown to not be taken seriously in academia.

as an antiintellectual, i like this study because the women who perpetrated it happen to have been cops, not dissociated pencil pushers.

read the study, compare your handfed talking points and dont get back to me. the truth is not for the willfully ignorant


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Nonono mobs of bikers and 4 wheelers are the problem because they do things different in a way i can be mad at. My often lethal chosen mode of transportation is fine because i do it.

Tbf all those intersections have ass visibility and/or signage and were never properly modernized from high visibility and streetcar times


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opposed to where? they are legally required at public gathering spaces (basically food establishments or anywhere with a water fountain) and voluntarily offered by national retail. its an american stereotype, much easier to find here than europe or south america. here specifically theres construction all over town with portajons.


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The english vehicle is a collection of teutonic plates and anglican machinery assembled with latin duct tape and propelled by farts and prayers. Its neither beautiful in itself nor deserving of adoration to the point of gatekeeping. What is it with redditors on this sub thinking theyre smarter than everyone else? Do only the least secure people live here?

The best users of english in my life barely spoke it, but were able to simplify enough for us to cooperate, get to work, and joke around. More to the point i didnt reinforce your point, i suggested a context that contradicts it and you said nah uh not always in more words. Literally just read more than one listed definition in a dictionary since im sure authority appeals to you. Er, reverse that? One of the bigger collegiate authoritative dictionaries lists alternate definitions by found usage amount, not definition supremacy, and if theyre fine with that so am i