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The specific recording falls under a seperate copyright, this is 100% true in the US. And it's not about YG imitating his voice, it's about him using the actual recording of RA in the start of this clip.

Here is Legal Eagle explaining something similar with Taylor Swift https://youtu.be/M-A_RrOeoWw&t=4m36s

For some reason the timestamp isn't working properly but the important thing starts at 4m36s


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Did you listen to the song? The entire start is just Rick Astleys song. Like, in the subtitles it even stated it was.

Also, there is def some rights on that, since this is the entire reason Taylor Swift decided to re-record her songs.

I hope Legal Eagle does a breakdown of this though, cause IANAL so I want to see his take


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Not just Australia, most democracies. In the Netherlands too. It's just in the USA, where 2 parties control all the power, that voting rights are being taken away from minority groups. I mean, if (former) inmates can vote, throwing all black people in prison for non violent drug charges won't be as effective right?