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One tip I have is try to park near the last bus stop, that way when the bus comes you are straight to the terminal, make note it should be close to the first bus stop at least in long term b. I’ll often get off at the first stop on my way home and take a short walk to my car so I don’t have to wait on the bus for the full loop


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We use Complete Climate Services, our heat also went out few weeks ago. They came the next day, figured out the problem, said they’d have to call to see if the part is still being made if not we may have to replace our system which they said if we have the money we might want to due to the age of the system.

They called me back in 30 minutes saying they had the part in stock and could come back the next day to fix it.

Called back an hour later saying they could come by same day and fix it. I’ve liked them they seem honest, laid out multiple options and were very communicative.


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Well and I think it depends a lot on the crime, if a kid is stealing a package or vandalizing something I can see the argument that yea they may know better but it could be seen fairly harmless in their minds.

But when you are out car jacking people, robbing them etc there’s no excuse


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We used Ally and had a wonderful experience their online portal made everything super easy and they were fairly responsive to us. We went with them strictly on a they were the cheapest rates and their loan estimater with no credit check was really useful when we’re in the research stage.