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CM: Then why are ye wasting my time, ya lousy scoundrel? I have no interest in small talk or niceties. I'm a fighter, not a social butterfly. So unless ye want to talk about something relevant, I suggest ye find someone else to bother.

Me: You know, being tough ain't actually being tough. Anyone can be a dick, but not everyone can do the real hard stuff, like be vulnerable. I bet you can

CM: Vulnerable? Me? Don't make me laugh, ya hillbilly. I fear no man and I never back down from a challenge. That's what makes me a true fighter. I don't need to be vulnerable, I'm too busy winning. So why don't ye take yer weak mindset and go somewhere else, ya lil' bitch.

Me: Well I challenge you to be vulnerable.

CM:Ha! Ye think ye can challenge me? I'm Conor McGregor, the notorious one, I don't back down from anything. But fine, if it will shut ye up, I'll be vulnerable for a moment. The truth is, I put on a tough exterior to hide my insecurities. Deep down, I'm just a man who wants to be loved and accepted, but sometimes I go about it the wrong way. There, are ye happy now?

Me: Yes, yes I am.

I think I fell in love for a moment.


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This is a step in that direction actually. With the introduction of 988, hotline centers are going through a specific training. I can’t say I felt we needed it, as I volunteer for a center and though it is volunteer staffed, the training i went through was extensive. Before 988 we even got certified and in ASIST, an evidenced based model for crisis counseling persons calling with suicidal ideation or intent. Regardless, quality overall should go up overall.