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We need out of staters to come rent and buy our houses, because we can’t keep our own youth. We need workers, we need more housing, a lot more, far more than is being taken up buy second homeowners and vacation rentals. The vacancy rate in Burlington has been under 3% since before Airbnb was a thing.


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No housing, low wages, young graduates leaving the state, lack of skilled trades, and yet anytime someone even mentions new development or flatlanders moving to the state, the crusty old Vermonters start crowing about “go back to where you came from”. We can’t have any change because it’s not the Vermont way. Lot of people just like to hear themselves complain.


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What is the threshold? How much specifically are you willing to pay for less outage time? Would you pay 20% more on your bill every month for an 8hr reduction in outage time per year on average? I’m not trying to troll I’m genuinely curious what your thoughts are.


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Civic will be fine with snow tires, the only time you may have an issue is when some scared idiot decides to creep up a steep hill and kills your momentum or alternatively the idiot in front of you has bald all seasons and can’t make it up the hill so they stop and kill your momentum.


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I don’t know how old or where you live, but for certain parts of the state this was as bad as it gets since ‘98. So many trees, so many branches, multiple trees laying on the same power line, winds so bad linemen can’t go up in buckets, ice will be treacherous tomorrow, snow weighing down the trees that are still on or close to the lines, it’s bad out there.


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I use VT Federal Credit Union for my money, Reward checking pays me 2% interest if I use my debit card 12 times a month and have direct deposit. I use NEFCU for my mortgage and car loan, their rates were the best when I was shopping for a home and a car even when compared to national companies and they service locally. I have absolutely no complaints about either one, all of my banking is done virtually in their apps aside from when I actually opened the accounts/got loans.