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The amount of rare earth minerals needed for the current batteries and where they come from. The current Solid State batteries that are being worked on will need much less of those. This plays a big part in the high cost of the current tech.

the high weight it adds to the vehicle will also become a problem for the roads.

A high speed loading infrastructure will also become a problem because the net isnt really up to it in most countries. Atm the companies that own the power net is kinda waiting with the big investment into their networks hoping someone else will pay for it.

The recycling still is a problem, Tesla for example is just recommending old ones for other uses like storage, which they arent really perfect for.


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It might mean their own stock of certain ammo is gone, we already knew their production couldn't keep up with the speed they were using it at. Now they are using ammo they are importing. Question is if their production can keep up with the speed. Belarus most likely won't, North Korea's is said to have a high failure rate.

This is good news, just not great news.