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Jimmy Anderson is NOT the top ranked test bowler, and hasn't been on top since 2018. He was also not top ranked test bowler until May 2016, after which he held it until around August 2018.

That isn't to say he isn't bowling well and hasn't been, but facts are facts you don't get to just make them up.


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Well firstly, you say women and children were seen different back then. I mean, industrial revolution, kids were chimney sweeps and working in factories. That treatment has next to nothing to do with alcohol and as you said, their perceived value.

I'd say the following had/has more to do with it than alcohol:

  • Unmanaged/unrecognised trauma from world war 1. We saw the repetition of it in world war 2.

  • Social underclass/being poor and the associated sense of a lack of control over their existence, so controlling what they could (I mean, your example of Jim Bob - you've gone redneck, which while not suffering like Black people, were/are still the social underclass).

I'm sure there's more, but - alcohol is way down the list on the reason people feel the need to pound out their frustrations on others. Those feelings are already there. Removing alcohol, again, removes inhibitions but it doesn't get to the root cause.

All I'm saying is, alcohol is a symptom and not a cause. Removing alcohol won't do much for most people because the underlying cause/s are still there.


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Alcohol doesn't make a person violent. It just lowers their inhibitions. Most would find an excuse without the drink.

Edit: Downvotes. Looks like I triggered some people. I guess by the same token alcohol causes people to commit sexual assault or rape, and causes them to cheat on their partners. What a wonder drug.


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Having grown up driving tractors from 12 yo, there was a complete absence of presence of mind there. As others have said - push the clutch in and it would have solved itself.

What's causing it is that the tractor is rear wheel drive, so the drive in the rear wheels is what's causing it to lift.

Alternatively, reverse out.

Much like going up a steep hill, if you go up forward, most of the weight is at the back and it may raise at the front and flip. Instead, you can reverse up the hill, provided it isn't too steep.