ELIE41 t1_iych5ts wrote

One of my favourite films of 2016. Great mix of 'Looney Tunes' brand of physical comedy with modern pop culture references that resulted in one of the best comedies in animation.

A breath of fresh air in comparison to the recent outputs from Disney (I think Disney's Emperor's New Groove is a good companion to this film).

I'd never would have guessed the director of this film made 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' and would go on to make Bros (2022).


ELIE41 t1_iudj7xg wrote

Thats a good one. Scorsese as Van Gogh and i remember Herzog played the father in that film. Have notbseen Julien for years now, should revisit that.

I would add David Cronenberg in "Nightbreed" by Clive Barker. He played a creepy serial killer with a mask that has buttons for eyes.