ELOFTW t1_j7cw6q3 wrote

I think some wires are being crossed here.

  • With an out-of-state license, you can apply to any town for a CCW. This isn't a sly workaround, it's how the law is written.

  • Without an out-of-state license, you can apply to the town in which you reside. Some towns are gun-friendly, others are not, some have waiting lists well over 6 months long.

So for some people, it's easier to get an out-of-state license first, then apply to the town of their choosing. This is a downstream effect of some police agencies failing or simply refusing to do a part of their job.

OP isn't saying that having a Utah license or whatever lets them concealed carry in RI, it just lets them start the process for a Rhode Island license with less fuss.