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The biggest source of pollution and danger to marine life comes from nets and the fishing industry. If you consume marine life, you are part of the problem.

Ecosystems at the brink of collapse and business as usual will lead to the entire demise of what we have left. Something's got to change and a shift in our food choices should be one of them.


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Lol, sure. We have deep neural networks and admittedly can't even tell what most of the neural connection do referring to it as a black box. Just because we made it doesn't necessarily mean we know every thing about it

And even if we can somwhow know everything about the AIs we created, super Advanced AI (ASI) may not even be made entirely by human programmers, meaning much more gaps in our knowledge.


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I swear I hate people with this attitude. Like you wouldn't be able to build shit even if your life depended on it, but you're too quick to dismiss it like you know everything about it and can build something better yourself.

Also they are quick to downplay it by analysing it at the low level of operation as some sort of argument against it being anything special.

The reality is everything is made up of fundamental low level simple operations, for example, life is ultimately dead molecules interacting chemically and consciousness is ultimately unconscious nerve cells relaying electrical signals, but I don't think you would argue that it makes them less impressive systems.

If anything it's amazing what simple things and processes can give rise as a result of emergency interactions.


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But there's the possibility we could build specialised top class models and in the future we just keep making them more amd more multimodal and general by adding other models on top of it.

Maybe that's another way to AGI. Narrow AI models/agents strewn together such that the sum is greater than the parts.


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I'm off the opinion AGI arrives late 2020s - 2030s

I don't think we will have to discover/invent something radically different to get to AGI. It's most likely going to come from things like;

  • massive scaling (10s of trillions of parameters, 1000x more data than today's top model )
  • making them more multimodal (can work with and understand audio, video, images, text, interact with software, control hardware parts etc.)
  • improving Neural Network technology (improving AI's step by step reasoning, faster learning and shorter training times, improving memory etc.)
  • optimising hardware (ASICCs for AI, neuromorphic computing etc)

Basically, exponentially scaling AI will lead to AGI within a decade. Scaling is the "missing piece".


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It's the begining of "proto-AGI" achktually.

We will undoubtably have proto-AGI by 2023, with the likes of GATO2 and GPT4 (plus whatever Stability AI and others have in store).

True AGI is probably still 4-10 years away from now, late 2020s to early 2030s basically. (If there's no unexpected AI winter).


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Like him or hate him, Elon is no doubt pushing many big industries and changing the narrative.

I've grown to dislike him over the years after all the dumb shit he's been saying/doing, but I wouldn't deny the substantial contribution he made leading various field in the world of technology.