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The game makes it personal, a TV show isn’t even third person since you’re passive so events that can be quite horrible in the game could be shown from a more distant perspective as they did with the bloater.


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Yep, the game has some seriously scary bits and as you say, Part 2 has some awful parts they’ll need to cover. The large set pieces with huge numbers of infected don’t necessarily move a story forward but they’re great fun in a game so I’m not surprised we’re not seeing those very often. The first appearance of the bloater was excellent and shows they can do it, they’re just moving through the story more quickly than the game does. I was a little disappointed at the loss of the section working through the toppled buildings in Boston but it really wasn’t necessary. The bit I’m somewhat dreading is how they handle David…..


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It’s much tamer than the game. I’m watching it with my wife and she seems to be enjoying it. There’s a lot more character development than the game can achieve. My wife usually refuses to watch post apocalyptic shows or films but this is so well written she’s got past that.


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I had a lot of CDs so I ripped those over. It was way easier than getting stuff on my MiniDisc machine and I didn’t have to mess around with fiddly small discs, everything was on the one thing. The big difference though was the iTunes Store. To get a single track you could just get it from the store and it was cheap so I never saw any reason to pirate anything. That’s all that was really needed, a good store with reasonable prices. Despite the DRM (which the music industry required) it was still a good deal, and eventually with enough traction Apple was able to get the DRM requirement removed (Jobs wrote a really good letter to them about why DRM was pointless as it just encouraged piracy)