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Technically those are privately owned as with a handful of others in the UWS (4 in total). This was the last public pay phone booth left in the city. Barring some inside of buildings, most likely they won’t be around, as nowadays, LinkNYC is the spiritual successor w/ free phone calls, free WiFi (or for some, 5G as well), can charge your devices via USB, and able to access city services/the internet.


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There’s also r/NewYorkCity too which is a good alternative from here, although less active. Name wise, it’s logical too since it’s the full name of the city, so people wouldn’t be confused. The 5 individual borough subs all have their own proper names, again easy to find and access for those who’d want an even more local perspective.

Don’t think the “3rd option” subs as an alternate to here & that sub aren’t doing too good since it could be the name, or overall as with any other new subreddit, finding your niche, and content/followers/active users in order to have that community grow.


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OTOH, it’s been ~5 years (2017) since Governor Murphy’s been in office that the fares haven’t increased, so there’s some merit in that. Could be optimistic or a pipe dream bus/train/light rail fares wouldn’t have a fare hike throughout his 3 remaining years, but one can dream given the current plans for expansion, and acquiring new e-buses, new rail cars (& expanding routes), and maybe something in store for the 3 light rail networks. Not to mention the gradual increase in pay for workers (& professionals) of NJ Transit, pensions, placating labor union concerns, etc.

However the transit agency’s always been shafted for years, and it’s been a recurring joke. Maybe 2023 would see a visible rebound?


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Consider asking on r/FoodNYC (+ be specific), but for the most part, some places are already kicking off their outdoor heating systems now. 2 winters in due to the pandemic, nowadays it’s a mixed bag dining outdoors: on one hand it’s a different experience & easy to get in+out (still have to go indoors to use the restroom + talk to FOH staff), but it’s not the “cleanest” places in terms of vermin, it’s always uncertain in regards to extreme cold/snow days/ice that may inevitably happen this winter, and you can never know what happens outside those four walls of the outdoor dining shelter.


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Yes, runs 24/7. As for weekdays, a train can come every 5-10 minutes on peak time on all the lines. Saturdays and Sundays naturally are when ridership + demand would be lower, so a train would come every 20 minutes (Newark-WTC route) or 12 minutes (Journal Square-33rd St line). Unless if there’s any service modifications for that weekend, the only notable delay/change would be that trains would have a small wait at Journal Square for a few minutes extra due to track work in Kearny between Journal Square & Harrison stations. If you’d have to ride late at night (after 10PM) on weekends, trains can come usually every 25-40 minutes, so plan ahead.

If you’re new to this, PATH is kind of similar to the MTA in New York City across the Hudson River, and their trains go into lower Manhattan too, but for the most part it’s a lot cleaner/safer, and you’d rarely if ever get “interesting moments” like on the NYC subways. Bad thing is that since they’re two separate systems, for cases you’d want to take both (say going from WTC’s PATH to take the subway), you’d have to pay again.


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2,75$, probably the cheapest option available, and most likely you’ll be in Hoboken from Newark/Harrison within half an hour, assuming mass transit delays on Saturday isn’t too bad.

Interesting this year there’s supposed to be a parallel event going on (HoHoHoboken, which most of the trendy bars will participate in exclusively) that’s separate from Santacon, so looks like for those who drink (I don’t, teetotaler), at least there’s options.


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Iirc it was a part of the MTA/MetroCard budget remedy in early 2019 (went in effect on 21 April 2019) in order to keep the base subway/bus fare at 2,75$ (still that amount today, even w/ OMNY/contactless pay), which fortunately they’ve done, but had to cut out the 5% bonus you had when reloading 5,50$ or more. It also meant bumping up prices of unlimited MetroCards to 33$ (7-day) and 127$ (30 day) which they’re at today in December 2022. In a way, Metro-North & LIRR fares increased too. Thanks to federal & state funding, even in the midst of the pandemic, fares have been stable, but it did mean cost of tolls for crossing MTA Bridges & Tunnels did get a slight increase in 2021.

It’s plausible at some point next year/2023 and/or possibly 2024 that subway/bus fares would increase past 2,75$ (where they’ve been since March 2015). State officials/MTA’s board are saying the agency’s lacking money, so they may aim to bring it up to 3$-3,50$ (or more) per ride, but time will tell given the cost of everything else in the city’s going up.


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Technically this would be a collab between WGBO in Newark, WNYC in New York City, and WHYY in Philadelphia. News 12 NJ’s “Ask Governor Murphy” (or whoever’s governor) segment usually airs on the middle of the month w/ a similar goal in mind.


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Subway riding guide for me:

  • Mask: ✔️

  • Sunglasses/my favorite brand of aviators: 🕶️ ✔️

  • City/winter gloves: ✔️

  • Winter beanie + scarf: ✔️

  • AirPods: ✔️

  • Spare to-go size of Kleenex/tissues + to-go hand sanitizer: ✔️

  • Sufficient amount of $/MetroCard fare just in case to help someone (not often due to OMNY/current stage of pandemic): ✔️

  • A “keep to yourself” mantra to avoid complications sometimes: ✔️ (95% of the time)

Pretty much goes without fail most of the time, and yes, one or two times even we ourselves might be susceptible to pressure/sadness or panic attacks, (like myself once or twice a year even on a subway/the station), but it’s all about consent if you’d want to solicit help (same applies conversely), and it’s perfectly fine if no one wants to help, or if someone wants to accept the offer of help and give you some encouraging words at bare minimum. OTOH it’s completely understandable if someone’s hesitant in terms of helping a stranger, you can never be too certain these days given what can happen in the subway (whether above/below ground) worst case scenario.

Hopefully December & the rest of the year can be something to celebrate over, and find some positivity in our own lives.


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Last week’s thread and Last fortnight’s thread for those who missed out on anything newsworthy (YMMV), wanted to catch up on conversations, complaints/praises, and anything in between.

Happy Tuesday, and hopefully you all make great use of this thread for this week & remaining days of this trial. In advance, may December be a great month for you all as 2022 draws to a close.


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Consider a wholesaler, or local butcher. If you have connections w/ someone in the food/restaurant business, see if you can go to The Restaurant Depot (here’s a search of Chicken Wings) if they have membership which should be free for food businesses/restaurants or qualified non profits, or buy a day/guest pass and go yourself.

PS: You can also order online from the Restaurant Depot via Instacart depending on where you are. Same concept if you were to order from Costco using Instacart (even w/o their membership): yes it’s possible, and yes, things will be pricier.


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Election Day’s today (8 November 2022) & polls are open (6AM-9PM, ~6:45AM as of this comment), go out and vote if you already haven’t done so. Your candidate(s) could use the vote, and you may never know the impact it can have if you stop by to vote in person! Hopefully the state/city/your neighborhood could prosper under good leadership for years to come.


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Freakin’ Vegan in Cliffside Park’s helpful as a wholly vegan restaurant serving healthy fast food, if you’re into that.

Could be bias on my part, but most of the Korean restaurants in Fort Lee also can accommodate for vegans/vegetarians if you ask.

Bareburger (location in Edgewater) also has options for just about anyone if you’d want, including vegans, with ~4 types of vegan burgers.


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One in a blue moon you’ll spot someone who’s not accommodating to someone who’s LGBTQ+ and give them a hard time (or worse), whether in a public space, park, so on Fortunately people would like to help encourage & drown out the noise, even if that person (the hater) makes it a scene.

True though, you’ll be in better hands in New York City, tourist or local/commuter, so 98% likely you’ll just be fine.


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At least they did the considerate thing to cover most of the charging cable on the floor with a ramp/cable protector (coming from a photography profession, gaffing cables on floor/covering cables = a must), but you’re right, not a foolproof solution in regards to personal injuries.

Also winter/snow + ice is a near certainty for the area starting in ~8 weeks (after Thanksgiving at least), what’s the homeowner’s solution then in regards to shoveling/de-icing + keeping the cable (& the parking/sidewalk) obstruction free, in addition to keeping the cables neat?