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Being a contrarian feels badass when you're a kid, or just starting out in your study of the form. I get it. But it's a short step from there to cynicism and unreason, and you may not notice yourself taking it.

Ironically, a story as idealistic and light hearted as Everything Everywhere might be very good for you, if you take it to heart.


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Yes. He should lose the ability to provide for anyone including himself, until his debts are paid. That's what a deterrent is. What do you think happens to families when their provider goes to prison?

People need to see the wasteland that was made of Alex Jones' life and decide never to do what he did. That's the whole point.


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"I finally saw the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan. Is that what people were so freaked out about? It was like five minutes long! Those guys didn't have to be there, they could have turned around"


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The idea is to reduce harm. You know how every time there's a school shooting, we collectively refuse to do anything about the availability of weapons because we prefer to tell ourselves the violence is a result of poor mental health? Well, bullying is one of those things that damages the mental health of children.

I just had to try to convince someone that it's good to feed children. That might be a new low. Oh well, this is America.


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Oh, I don't believe it at all. Laws work. Drunk driving still happens, but less. People put effort into preventing, policing, and punishing it. People who might have driven drunk will reconsider because the law makes it a bigger risk.

When people claim that gun control won't reduce gun violence, they are wrong and they know it. They know it will make weapons less available and the associated death less common. If they really believed the laws would be ineffective, they wouldn't cry about the laws. They're just gun worshippers who don't like the idea of their faith being regulated.

There are no perfect solutions. But when we try, things get better.