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I mean that would be great too but all signs point to us falling short of all the major climate goals so I think we should be funding every avenue of research we have on the matter. From renewables to fusion to AI to a new AI god based religion to give the masses of humanity a better life guide than the religions that are currently available. Which is a topic that I think we all need to talk more about, btw.


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That's my point. It's not, but it could be.

And physics is still very much of concern here. Engineering solutions are great but at the end of the day we need a better fundamental understanding of particle behavior if we are to make it sustainable. Right now no amount of engineering alone is going to overcome the problem of neutrons rapidly destroying equipment when they start pouring out of the fusion reaction.

However difficult these problems are, if the world wasn't stuck in a status quo of exploitation and war posturing, it would certainly make the job easier.


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What a weird place we are in the culture wars. People are the bad guys now for not watching things they don't like. I'm having a deja vu of all those newspapers that claimed millennials were killing industries by not living the way they were supposed to according to coked up industry analysts from the 80s.

I mean the first thing they cite here is a movie about a transphobic gay guy. Big fat shock that nobody wanted to watch it. The anti gay people don't like the gayness and the pro gay people don't like the transphobia. Hey let's make a movie that nobody will like and then blame woke culture when it bombs, that's how to do ratings now, right? Pretty sure the reason it's bombing has nothing to do with the director being Hispanic. It sounds like a movie someone based off a trolls feed on Twitter. Then they go on to mention some movie about pedophiles where none of the child actors were properly prepared or supported for what they would encounter on set, whatever that means. Oh sure, who would ever find that big brain production controversial.

This is why AI generated movies are gonna explode in the future. People aren't even trying to make good movies anymore. At this point why not just crunch all the masterpieces into a data set so the mindless drivel we churn out is at least watchable.


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It's a huge conversation, I've had pieces of it several times. It boils down to one frustrating stopping point tho. We simply don't know because we have only our own planet to study and all life here is related.

That makes almost everything we csn talk about here speculation built atop a house of cards if assumptions. The only reasonable things we can assume hinge on the life having followed a very similar path to our own, and the odds of that may or may not be likely to have happened twice in the same meaningful span of distance.

Worst case scenario, the odds of intelligent, technological civilizations being within 20 billion light years of each other is low. But it could be even worse. It could be an average of a trillion light years and we might be alone in the entire observable universe.

If we could figure out how life formed and master recreating it in a lab, we'd be able to speculate a lot better about the odds of it happening. But until then we're really grasping at straws when we say anything about life outside earth.


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I'd like to think so, but people know that all these industries pollute and destroy the planet and they still buy all that and more.

Realistically, astronomers should plan for the worst case scenario if it comes to wanting to get the public and companies on board. We're more likely to see billboards in space than for them to voluntarily give up profits despite whatever the cost is to the rest of society. That's just not how companies or capitalism work. Their job is to make as much money as possible. And that's the only job. Everything else is negligible.

It sucks but they should definitely be investing more in space based instruments... The stuff that has to be done on earth... Well, I guess too bad lol.


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That's the beauty of advertising. It doesn't have to be good to sell it to a bunch of desperate mourning people. Just set a few generic demographics and let a chat bot do a cringe worthy job of wearing a dead persons face.

The important thing is that shareholders will make lots of money, and that's what capitalism is for.

On a side note, I'm worried that we are being far too cautious and stingy with the AI research. Thankfully china and the usa are dumping tons into rivaling each others AI development, so at least there's that.


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I've known about GRBs for a long time. The old gunshots of the universe and all.

But what I've only recently learned of is the phenomena of a magnatars crust cracking, which apparently produces a star quake, which is like the bomb of the universe and can wipe life out for lightyears around it.

I also heard that we have no such known candidates for this in our neighborhood of the galaxy. Which is prolly good.

Still tho, magnetars need more research. They seem extraordinarily fascinating.