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It's too far north. Im a college student from Connecticut currently at Umaine and I would never consider staying up here. Yeah, its a reasonably nice place, but theres no community outside of school or church. Its really difficult to meet people because a lot of mainers arent super social. At the very least they are very disinterested in having a relationship with someone whos relatively liberal and from Connecticut. And thats not to mention the pretty limited choices in employement. I don't think I know one person from out of state who wants to stay in the area after school. So yeah, nothing really against Bangor, but I want to live someplace a little more diverse.


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If you can afford it I would look into moving to Orono or Old Town as well. Theres a lot of apartment rentals with very high turn over because of the school, and they generally are relatively affordable. I'm assuming you arent a college student, but if you can get onto the Umaine housing and sublets facebook group you can get a feel for the market up here.


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Levis are great for the price. They have a few lines though, so levis premiums are the ones that last a long time. They also have different denim types. So yeah, skinny jeans will never be bifl. But heavy gauge ones are gonna last a while. Unfortunately its hard to tell from the website.


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LL Bean is a littly over rated in my opinion. They are definitely good quality stuff, but a little overpriced for what they are. A lot of the stuff I have hasn't lasted super well. Despite being in northern Maine where bean boots and an LLbean flannel is practically the uniform they aren't my go to. I don't own any Patagonia, but my gut feeling is thats the better choice.


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I have an Eddie Bauer jacket that I love. Its not showing any signs of wear after about three years. It's a pretty light shell, I'll wear it to about 30F, so in northern Maine thats not exactly year round. I would say probably not quite as good quality as some of the more premium brands, but you'll definitely get your moneys worth and many years of wear.


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My work bought me Tims and two years later im getting a new pair. I work in research, and dont do a ton of heavy work, mostly just wearing them around while im at work. Not even full time. My Doc Martens have been through a hell of a lot more and are holding up better, and I don't even think they are super high quality either. Its entirely possible that the womens line is lower quality, but if i have a choice I'm gonna go with something else next time. Also, with professional work boots you're probably gonna pay for the ANSI rating, which you don't really need. I would say pass on the Tims.