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As a former investor in the company, not to under-sell the importance of ASML: any/all logic and memory chips under 7nm nodes currently require Extreme Ultra Violet lithography machines to be created, which run north of $100M each. ASML is the only company in the world that is able to produce these machines, and any competitors that have tried to emulate have since given up. There have been attempts to steal/copy their trade-secretes (China), but it will likely take 5-10 years before a viable prototype is available, and by then ASML will likely have developed a newer, more advanced model.

There is potential for different chip manufacturing practices (stacking/shaping) to be developed to try to ease reliance on ASML, but adoption of these is likely years out still.

To give an example of the technical complexity of the ASML machines, I recently heard that the mirrors used in them are so smooth, that it is estimated that if you were to stretch one of the mirrors out to cover the entire area of the USA the largest "bump" would be about the height of a human hair.

Defintely a very good thing to have ASML in CT, since they will be an economic contributor for decades to come, and being a physical/manufacturing tech company means that they will continue to have a need for physical, in CT workers (not out-sourced, remote).


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>and NY doesn't have the budget to just pay everyone's back-rent, either.

They won't have to. Landlords already adjusted the market rate of new/future leases to account for x% added risk of eviction moritorium. NYC, and renters across the US, will be making up back-rent via higher future rent.

Of course, this is only one part of why rents have risen so sharply over the last two years.