EbbyRed t1_j1zsptc wrote

Last year I was a juror on a triple murder case. After that experience, I told my wife that I hope we never need to rely on the police or justice system to find justice. Utter complete fucking failures every step of the way.

It was honestly embarrassing to watch the homicide detectives on the stand demonstrate their complete incompetence and negligence.


EbbyRed t1_j0iyc4m wrote

I'm not saying people can't go off trail. I'm saying that people with the attitude of "on-trail is boring for anyone that's skied more than a couple times" are the ones that don't have the skill and end up headlines.

Presumably, if you have rappel gear and know how to use it, you probably have way more safety awareness than the average douchebag that skids down a black thinking that he should search out some powder in the woods.