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I'm just getting over my first case of covid. My doc told me I was low risk but did quality for Paxlovid. I got the free prescription filled but my nurse sister in law said sometimes Paxlovid is associated with rebound covid. I wasn't having any breathing problems so I didn't take the med.

I had a bit of a cold and my wife had a little worse of a cold than me but nothing serious. It's so weird how it affects everyone differently.

Apparently the current CDC guidelines are that you can go back to work even if you are still testing positive as long as you are wearing a high quality mask. Check for yourself, I'm not a medical person.

Also, the test kits we had turned out to be expired. We bought some from our local pharmacy for around $10 each and we understand we can get reimbursed from our insurance company.

Best wishes.


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Many excavation contractors do demolition. Mobile homes are difficult to take apart by hand so it's good to salvage everything useable and then have an excavator crunch it.

Be clear with the contractor about removal of the metal frame and protecting existing utilities that are usable like a well, septic, etc. There will likely be some debris leftover so understanding how clean is clean-enough helps keep you happy as a customer.


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You do you. Feel free to park near the street.

Shoveling is good exercise. Or you could hire a plow and pay for a gym membership (snarky comment).

A snowblower sounds appropriate for your driveway. It is rare to find someone to snowblow driveways and probably hard to find said person too, but possible. If you live somewhere there are condominiums or businesses with walkways that get cleared you could ask them who does the snow removal.

Some towns allow residents to take some salted sand from the road crew's stockpile for use on their driveway if you need any. Sanding has become more important than plowing with the ice storms.


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Ask him if this is an accurate quote. If he says yes, continue the conversation with questions about how violence is ok. If he says no, be prepared to state the sources of the quote and keep questioning until he gives a thorough explanation of how the quote was wrong.

If he stands by his statement, I don't know what the fuck to do, what a dick.


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True story. In college I had a chance to go to Colorado. On the way back to school we stopped at the Coors brewery and had some samples.

I almost immediately started pumping out the most foul farts of my now 59 years.

I. Could. Not. Stop.

We could not stop.

That was one hell of a long ride back to Oklahoma.

Still sorry guys, wherever you are.


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You have done very well.

In recognizing the risk of damage and calling for help, ya done good.

In this complicated situation where the power company is still in emergency mode getting other people's power back on you can go to the next level and call around for tree companies to come out. They are probably quite busy too so call a few and if they can't come out soon, maybe call your fire department. They may be willing to take a look and if it is a serious risk they may have more sway in getting an expert involved or even trying to stabilize the tree to prevent damage.

Keep asking for help is all most people can do in a situation like this. Cutting trees is risky, cutting unstable trees is dangerous. This is a situation where there aren't many people who can really deal with it so if it does fall, at least you can know you did what you could.


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I'm not a very good gardener but I enjoy it!

One difference between house plants and gardens are the pests. With tomatoes keep an eye out for hornworms. And tomatoes get big so a cage helps support them so the fruit stays off the ground. I LOVE Sungold cherry tomatoes but there are quite a variety to choose from. If you get too many to eat, dry them in your oven or get a cheap dehydrator.

If you like root crops like carrots have your soil tested for lead. We have some lead in our soil so we need to peel our carrots, potatoes, etc.



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I just scanned a bunch of articles online. It looks like Maine is near the top (#6) of states recycling rates.

A while ago I was told recycling is pointless because it all just gets landfilled or incinerated anyway. I looked into it and found that some recycling gets wasted if a batch is contaminated or in a period when there isn't enough demand for any particular type of recyclable material.

It is worth recycling. Reducing and reusing are more important, but recycling is still good.


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I work at a lumber yard and the owners cry about not being able to find workers but I have seen more than twenty people apply over the past two years. I'm sure there were quite a number of applicants I didn't see.

In those two years one was hired, he worked one day and didn't come back. Another was hired with the same result.

This summer two guys signed on and stayed with it.

Anyway, just having a pulse is likely a funny exaggeration.

Lumberyard workers don't much respect but it is actually challenging work with the hundreds of products, packaging loads of miscellaneous materials for safe delivery, using and basic maintenance of trucks and heavy equipment, harsh weather sometimes, etc., for relatively low pay. It's amazingly easy to damage stuff!! Vent over...