EchosEchosEchosEchos t1_j1b39dt wrote

The worst part about this though, it's like being in a state of superposition that gets weird.

If you're the type of person who fully admits fault and feels guilt, and apologies when they do so, things can start to get wonky in your head if it's not in a cut and dry situation, and fault either... isn't easily determined, up in the air, unresolveable...or worst of all, with/regularly around someone that knows this about you, and tends to weaponises it without you even realizing it...and if you do, that makes you question if every error you make, even if you absolutely know you made it, was really an error you made.

And that's not even getting into the knowing your faults Vs. Imposter Syndrome Vs. Low Self Esteem "which one is it" thats omnipresent when they all are easily applied, and equally self evident indicators of "yep, it's that one".

In all honesty, the never-admit-your-wrong-or-say-sorry personalitiny seems like it would be a less stressful mental space to go through life with. You're just never wrong, less mental energy spent analyzing situations.