Eder_Cheddar t1_ixge5qk wrote

If you're not gonna put on your tinfoil hate with me then gtfo:

It's been proven through ice cores taken in Antarctica that at some point the atmosphere got very hot during the ice age due to large expenditures of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

It's something that they equate to a civilization like ours doing.

And what's currently happening is land mass being swallowed up in certain areas of the world.

The problem is no one wants to believe in climate change so we're all just strumbling in the dark here.

We also don't know the truth to our history so we have no idea just how advanced old civilizations used to be.

If you think ancient sites around the world were all created by ropes and pullies.... then you're clearly nit wearing your tinfoil hat.

If something catastrophic happens to us, what buildings will be left in a few hundred years? A few thousand years?

Our planet is very fragile and we're acting like it's not.

One day we'll all learn that sobering lesson.