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We're putting offers in on houses in Pittsburgh. We're looking in the best neighborhoods and a nice 2 bedroom 1 bath house is like 275K and whole foods is 5 minutes away. I love SD, but for us it's just not worth it anymore. I'm afraid we'll keep getting priced out of other markets too if we wait.


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In my opinion, the best neighbors are in the city. What's a peter's township. All of the places in that shadyside search were sold 6-7 months ago and a lot them were from mid-2021. I just put an offer of 360K on a small house in Highland park and got outbid by 6 others offering $30K above ask. I wouldn't consider Mount Lebanon a best place to live and the prices reflect that.


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I live in San Diego now, but moved from Pittsburgh. I'd say houses in Pittsburgh tend to be mostly large houses. Here you will pay $900K for a 1200 sq ft. house in a decent neighborhood where as in Pittsburgh in the best neighborhoods that's likely going to be be around $400K-$500K. The best neighborhoods in San Diego (typically pretty close to the ocean) tend to be $2+ million.


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I agree with your hypothetical, but unfortunately UPMC has a borderline successful monopoly in Pittsburgh. That takes away any healthy options. This advice worked for me and landed me 3x what I was getting paid previously by UPMC for my old analyst job. It’s awesome that they are feeling the pressures of the labor shortage, but it is going to take a whole lot more than that for them to change their ways. At the individual level, today, your best option is to leave and come back