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That shit was crazy as fuck. I hope that's not how the world works and it was so over complicated there is no way you can prove any of that to be true. Sounds like you believe in karma which I think is a shit system. We just stated that free will is mostly an illusion if not 100% an illusion. The idea of being judged by a cosmic force for something you can't control is childish. I hope the universe does not punish biological robots that have no freewill for their actions. It would be much more intelligent for the judgemental gods to just change the creatures so they don't act in a "negative" way. Freewill is pretty much non existant at the human level of reality and no one can truly point to where it comes from if it does exist. Perhaps it exists at higher dimensions, but not here. So karma is really a higher system casting cosmic judgement on a smaller system that has little to no freewill. I hope reality doesn't function that way. You would figure if karma is real then all fishermen, all pest control and all meat farmers would be riddled with bad luck as they slaughter millions of fish/cow/pigs/bugs ect.


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A great example of this is the stock market. You have to put money on strong companies that you believe will succeed. You must weed out the weak. It is your job to find flaws in companies and how they will fail in a recession. You don't make money by giving equal opportunity. Bet on the heavy hitters that have a proven track record and a few small ones that show promise.

1st world society is going through a phase where they're acting like everyone is valuable. This mindset only exists when survival is off the table. In any competition or risk environment, like the stock market, this is clearly just a bunch of weak woke nonsense.


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If you are going for max survival of the species then we should have a section of the government hand selecting high value people to breed with one another. We would still have regular people procreating as we need the variety. It just takes so long to breed humans. They did a study where they took wild foxes and it took 50 years or like 30 generations to breed out the wild in them and make them into domesticated pets. This would take several hundred years for mankind to breed ourselves. I personally am betting we will merge with robots in the next 200-300 years way before the breeding would be valuable.


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Yeah there is no perfect system of rulling over man.
At some point in the next 2000 years mankind will be able to edit themselves and our shit systems to be more in alignment with intelligent action. Even then we will fight over how we should edit ourselves, but that will be the beginning of a more homogenized collaborative society.


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I posted on here an idea that mankind doesn't have freewill over the natural levels of testosterone we all produce. Multiple comments said that we do have freewill over this and you can always take hormones. That is besides the point though... None of us have free will over the natural levels of hormones we produce and how they rise and fall throughout multiple decades.

The idea of not having free is obvious like if you are born with a crooked nose. Then the freewill people come out and say "well you can get a nose job".
That's not a counter argument. What is this called? When you clearly don't have freewill over something like how a Mole is created on your arm, but then someone says you can get it removed is somehow freewill????