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It hardly reads like a scientific paper at all. It just talks about how maybe that is a number we can hit if we work to alleviate global poverty and poor living conditions. It says nothing about climate change causing increasingly scarce drinking water and food shortages. To me it feels like we could be very near the peak global population now, and are headed for a pretty unpleasant crash in the next 50 years or so, perhaps a lot less.


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I've read everything King has written (including some as yet unreleased stuff - benefit of having a friend from Bangor), and I didn't care for Fairy Tale, mostly because I felt it had an extra 200 pages of fluff that was unnecessary and REALLY slowed the book down - King needs someone to edit him sometimes.

I'm reminded of The Stand, which I read both as the original release and as the release with (as I recall) roughly 350 pages put back in that King hadn't wanted taken out in the original publication. Of those 350, perhaps 50 were quality stuff - the rest deserved the cutting room floor.


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Common, yes, but TX is off the charts for open carry. When I lived in Houston I would often see people coming out of the church in my area with a rifle on their back. I saw a guy at a McDonalds with an M-16 on a shoulder strap, Baretta 9mm on his hip, and something small in an ankle holster. He unsurprisingly got into a big, chromed pickup with two shotguns in a rack in the back.


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Tommyknockers would like to have a word with you. Guy gets knocked out of his shoes by a speeding coke vending machine.

Seriously, big King fan - some of my favorite books in his biblio - but he does have some clinkers.