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The placebo effect is an interesting psychological phenomenon because it can create real change in perception and sometimes physiological response. What that means here is that an expensive cable does sound better. I have a favorite 10 dollar copper cable that sounds better to me because I spent money on it

That also brings in the avoidance of cognitive dissonance. Cognitive dissonance is the disagreement between your self perceptions and actions. Here the perception is "I spend money intelligently" and the action is buying a $10 cable because I thought it looked cool. I will hear a subjectively better sound through the cable to justify my purchase.

So, yes, cables do matter šŸ˜. Spend the absolute max you can on cables and you'll feel like such a dumbass for buying snake oil that you'll like it


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I've heard people say a Planar is just the intermediate between dd and est drivers... but they sound like something else entirely to me. There is something captivating about the dual focus on detail and fun that elevates them above either and I think that is why to audiophiles there is such a small difference between planar and dd headphone popularity. Considering dd is seen as the default, that means a lot


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It is a Correlation, but it can be used to show music causes depression as a trend in the population. So, music may not just make you sad reflexively, but it is directly related with something that does

It's been a minute since I took psych research design, but

This is an anova analysis. Yeah, the mechanism could be anything internal or external, but if you found a proposed mechanism the amount of music, the depression and the degree of exposure to the mechanism would all be directly correlated in a random sampling of a population representative of the whole. So if something related to music listening causes more depression, listening to more music in a vacuum would not increase depression, but in your sample of the population it would show a direct increase in depression as well as a direct increase or decrease in exposure to the mechanism. Let's say the mechanism is spending more time alone increases depression. Everyone listening to more music would mean more time alone in aggregate, resulting in increased depression in your population

If everyone started listening to more music, many would spend more time alone and be more depressed. It causes depression as a trend, not in a vacuum. When they say "causes" they don't mean like how a bright light causes you to blink.

If eating beans is shown to correlate with shitting your pants with an anova analysis and the mechanism is increased gas build up, eating beans still causes increased pant shitting overall in the population. And decreasing bean consumption would mean less pants shit


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So it predicts depression, but no mechanism has been determined. So we still don't know the mechanism.

And it depends on the person

Here's another study that shows that

Abstract: "Research suggests that negative moods may be associated with attraction to negative emotion in music, a finding that runs counter to mood management theory. Despite such evidence, no study has examined how and why people who have clinical depression listen to music. Qualitative thematic analysis was conducted with textual responses from 294 online survey respondents (148 with depression and 146 without depression). Findings revealed that people with depression were more likely to use music to match or reflect mood or to express emotion, while those without depression were more likely to use music for energy and inspiration. Negative emotion in music enabled some to attend to negative emotion, with subsequent dissipation of negative mood. For others, it was connected with negative cognition and a worsening of negative mood."

So the answer is that the human brain is too complicated to understand things like this yet. More research is needed to reach a conclusion. It's even a successful coping mechanism for some percentage of the population

Please don't make any unwanted life changes based off of this evidence homies. It's a decision to make for yourself until we have more information. But yes, if you listen to an above average amount of music, you are more likely to develop depression. Again, the mechanism of this is unknown and it depends on the person


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Abstract: "The purpose of the current study was to observe how music affects the mood of those who suffer from anxiety and depression and those who do not. While previous research has examined this many of the previous studies have induced either physical pain or mood in participants in order to measure the impact of music. The current study, however, intends to examine how music affects mood without attempting to induce mood in participants. Six-hundred and seventy college students were given a questionnaire containing an anxiety questionnaire, depression scale, demographic questionnaire, and music listening questionnaire. Intercorrelations, ANOVAS, as well as linear regressions were performed on the data and results for the study were significant in that music was found to impact participantā€™s anxiety and depression. Results of the current study indicate that participantsā€™ preference for alternative music and soundtracks/showtunes impacted their level of depression and anxiety."


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  1. Honestly it feels kind of random whether a pair needs amp/dac or can be plugged straight in, but like the other guy said, you need a low output setup or it'll get worse and ground noisey

  2. Ear tips are very important and a pretty personal choice. I have huge ear canals too and biflanged tips make a difference in terms of grip and sound quality for me. You might want to try them

  3. I think that just depends on the headphone. It really does feel random how much support a pair needs. I wore my FH7's outside for the first time last week as was disappointed severely (I have no mobile amps). They cost over 300 and sound garbage without support just to be blunt. So maybe look it up for any pair you want to get and see if reviewers agree on the support it needs