EkimSeliva69 t1_it7150l wrote

Releasing inmates for the sake of HIS own principle will ensure more victims are created in your communities. There is NO such thing as a victimless crime. Every criminal has a victim in one capacity or another. Ask the victims how they feel about letting inmates out of jail. Absurd. Fetterman himself is a criminal for not paying taxes…what happens if you as a citizen don’t pay your taxes? Not just once but MULTIPLE times…”it just fell through the cracks”. That sounds like a responsible candidate for any public office. Sad the majority of the people voting don’t do any homework on the candidates but rely on media to shape their mind and opinions.


EkimSeliva69 t1_it70ahg wrote

At least he’s not talking about releasing inmates out of prison. That’s the most ridiculous idea ever. Ask ANYONE who has worked in any jail setting longer than a day. In addition to him not ever having a job himself?