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You are a better person than I my friend. I hope you can find the owner but if you can’t, I’d catalog that sd card on the off chance you do ever find the owner and start recording some videos of your adventures! GoPros are awesome. God damn I sound like I’m sponsored lol


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Damn it’s almost like we held a war over this and the Americans won. I’m not sure why you think Americans are supposed to be good people, it’s incredibly surprising they didn’t put natives in slave labor camps.


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Reply to comment by tankmode in Kachess Lake today (OC) by WashingtonPass

That article is full of claims with no evidence 😂. Look I have a cabin on lake kachess, it’s my favorite lake in this state. It’s where I caught my first Kokanee, pikeminnow, bull trout, and cutthroat. This lake is not going anywhere however and if people need it for irrigation, let them have it. It’s almost 600 feet deep in the deepest parts, the lake will outlive us all.


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Use some of that 15 grand to pay for a babysitter, come down to Washington and get a two week vacation from the child. Then you can actually enjoy all the beautiful geography that this state has to offer. Go to the beach, go to ape caves, go to beacon rock, go to the tree of life, go to mount rainier, check out pikes place while you’re in seattle, go to the air museum, head up to snoqualmie and marvel at the cascade mountain range, fuck you could even try skiing out if you wanted to. Washington has got it all my friend.


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As far as experience goes, don’t accidentally down shift three gears while going up old vantage highway or your engine will blow into small pieces. Other than that I’d keep a 20 around for fuel or other small emergencies and I always leave the house with a liter of water just in case you have to walk somewhere to find cell service. I take a lot of dirt roads and drive slow and careful but tire blowouts do happen around here especially with all the potholes, make sure you have a little jack and stand as well as a tire iron and a spare tire. Personally I carry a tourniquet and Quik clot but unless you know how to use those things I’d just get a small first aid kit (which I also have they are never bad to have around). I’m not sure where you’re planning on going but it’s fairly hard to be somewhere in this state and go days without seeing another human, worst comes to worse just make sure you’re letting other people know where you are going before you leave and if a major emergency happens stay where you are and wait for people to come to you.


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I’m there all the time. Blackberries in the summer and wildlife like no tomorrow during the winter. Definitely one of my favorite places in this state Edit: ancient lakes is closer to quincy than it is ephrata, it is part of the “Quincy lakes” as we call em in this area. About 10 minutes from the gorge amphitheater as well if any of you are concert goers.


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If you can’t trust the percentages on the package than wouldn’t what someone considered “better” be totally up to the perception of the person smoking it? Cheap dabs to me hit the same as a 60 dollar gram it just tastes different. If you have to take over 100 mg of pot then I would highly recommend taking a few days or maybe a week off. Otherwise I would consider that an addiction my friend.


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Where do you shop at amigo? Come on down to wenatchee where you only pay 6 dollars for 92 percent oil, and that’s before you use points to get a discount. I don’t disagree with what you are saying about edibles however I would recommend taking a tolerance break as eating 100 mg of edibles to feel anything is not great for your health.