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Dr. Christopher "Chris." Who is a regular human living in a demonic realm. Tired father to four children, two aliens, and two monsters. Lives in a cyberpunk steampunk cities, and is an evil scientist working for the cities main evil organization, is always seen with his freeze ray to keep people out of his lab. (He's my favorite character I have, so can't wait to see what you do to him lol)


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"Son, it's time we had the talk." My Father told me after knocking on my door, my Dad right behind him.

"Um yeah, what's up?" I asked as I scooted over to the wall on my bed. Please don't let this be what I think this is.

"Honey, we have been with you for so many milestones in your life." My Dad started before sitting down on my bed, as my Father squatted down towards me.

"Your Dad is right, and we are so proud of the person you are becoming."

"So proud." my Dad agreed nodding his head. "However as you get older you may realize some changes that may be happening."

Oh god no. My mind was racing a mile a second.

"You may start feeling things about yourself, and about other people, and that's completely normal."

"Completely normal." Dad nodded along with Father's statement. "We just want to let you know whatever you are feeling is valid, and we love you."

"The truth is..." Father started "Your father and I are were an ex superhero and super-"

"I THINK I LIKE GUYS." I blurted out loud. Wait. What

My Father covered his mouth in surprise, as my Dad looked equally shock. My Father turned to Dad asking "Should we continue what we were telling him-?"

Dad quickly brushed it off "No, no this is far more important." before staring at me. "Honey! When did you figure this out? How long have you felt this way? Are you okay? Were you scared-? Oh I'm so sorry if you were scared-"

"Let the boy take one question at a time Super Boy." Father patted Dad's shoulder.

"Yeah yeah, Dark Moth." Dad scoffed.

"I'm sorry, what did you just say before that?" I asked, still very dazed about my surroundings.

"Oh that was nothing really, we can talk more about it later. Oh gosh, we love you so much, please tell us everything." Father told me before hopping over to sit right beside me on my bed.

"Everything." Dad chimed in too sitting on the opposite side of me. I smiled and nodded, deciding whatever just happened before could wait.


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Quickly the hall did grow silent. Silence was a rare occurrence in a hall so merry and drunk. For such an occasion to occur drew the god of wisdom Odin. A child stood near the gates, a lone wolf by her side, and a raven on her shoulder.

"Child." Odin asked. "May I ask what many great deeds thou hast accomplished to join us this morrow?"

The child trembled in front of the all mighty god. She barely looked up at all, but for every warrior's eyes we're on her. As she continued to shake Odin sensed a response would be delayed from her. Instead he picked her up in his arms and carried her towards a table of feasts and pleasantries. Noticing her eyes gleaming he whispered into her ear "you may take anything your heart desires."

Meekly the girl looked down at the meal and switches her gaze to the old gold. "May I share with my siblings?"

"Thy siblings have yet to join us, however if thou so would to share, you may." Odin simply replied.

Upon hearing this the child nodded her head, and proceeded to grab bountiful food upon her plate. Warrior's near her offered to share from theirs end of the neverending feast. Her mouth grew agape with each offering to her. All eyes were upon the skinny lass, and all but a few mutters could be heard.

Plate after plate child ate, and drank. Before finally she did reach her full. Odin sat beside her and again asked her the question of how she had come to be there.

"Well...." she started "My name is Emily, and I'm almost eight years old!" she nodded assertively. "I live with my mommy, and my siblings, and I don't have a daddy. My mommy calls him a good for nothing fuc-"

"Thou need not to repeat such vulgar words dear child." Odin assured her. "Truly say to us what thou doth."

"Boy.... Okay, I understand! Mommy plays this game with me and my siblings a lot. We don't tell anyone anything and she promises not to hit us!"

"I beg thy pardon?"

"Yeah! Although sometimes she breaks her promise." she looked down. "She breaks promises a lot, so I take care of my siblings instead! And that's really hard work!" she assured them. "Like I'll make a fire when it's cold and mommy locks us out to have friends over. Or I'll cook us all dinner with blackberries I find in the yard. Or this one time mommy locked my baby sister up because she kept crying because she was sick and I nursed her back to health! But I got put in the cupboard for a few days for doing that though...." she explained before hanging her head low.

The hall was left speechless at each remark of the young girl before Odin broke it to ask a simple question.

"Child, how did thou come up on here?"

Emily glanced over to the god before answering "Something went bang."

You could hear a pin drop between that of the greatest warriors and gods in history.

"Something went bang?"

Emily nodded. "Yeah a gun went bang, mommy was really up set with my little brother and sister. I called the cops cuz she was scary and that made her even more mad and she took out her gun and starting yelling at us. She decided to go bang at my little sister but I jumped in front of it! I'm a really fast runner!"

"The next thing I know a big puppy was leading me instead and I birdie landed on my shoulder!" Emily giggled. "I love animals!"

Odin picked Emily up from her seat and carried her up to his throne. "Dearest child, it appears thou hast never had a parental figure in thy's life. Dearest Emily, I shall be honored to be the first, if you so allow."

When Emily nodded Odin openly smiled at her. "Then I bestow upon you the name of Sigrid, for a name meaning of wisdom and of beauty. From this day upon, you are my daughter. To that we shall toast for all eternity."

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